About Midway

We have 40 years experience with the supply, installation, repair and servicing of overhead travelling cranes, crane gantries and equipment.

Suppliers of:

  • New and refurbished overhead travelling cranes.
  • Runways and gantries.
  • Festoon systems and power conductors.
  • Chain hoists, light cranes and jib cranes.
  • Underhook attachments.
  • Magnets.
  • Vacuum lifting equipment.
  • Slings.
  • Versatile and economic light crane and monorail systems.

Besides routine maintenance and the modernisation and refurbishment of crane installations plays an important role, since requirements may change during the long service life of a crane and a modification may be required for the continued safe use and efficiency of equipment.

We can offer advice and guidance for the best equipment to suit your requirements on crane, hoist, radio control and electrical equipment.

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